Glastonbury Abbey Institute

Our spiritual enrichment programs continue with one more virtual only and some in-person only. We encourage everyone to register online. Please click here to register.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are attending any of our programs at the Morcone Center, masks and proof of vaccination are required. We thank you for your cooperation as we endeavor to keep everyone safe.

These programs are offered by the Glastonbury Abbey Institute as part of its rich Benedictine monastic teaching tradition.

Here what’s coming up:

▪ May 5: Julia Upton, RSM - Learning from the Distanced Church (virtual only).
▪ May 7 & 21: Sister Kathleen, CSJ – Aging in Mid-Life & Later Years (in person only).
▪ May 17 & 24: Ethel Fraga – Centering Prayer Spirituality (in person only).
▪ May 20-22: A Weekend Retreat for Heart, Mind and Body (in person only).

Registration is open for all programs. Please click here to register.

All our programs are offered free, but donations are gratefully received to cover the costs of producing our programs online. If you would like to make a donation, please click here.