Meet the Monks

Abbot Thomas was elected as the third Abbot on June 29th, 2013, having formerly been the Prior-Administrator for nearly two years. In addition to all that being Abbot entails, Fr. Thomas also gives spiritual direction, retreats and cursillos. He is liaison to Praesidium in the abbey’s certification as a Safe Place for Children and Adults. He has been at Glastonbury Abbey since 1968.
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Brother Daniel is the Prior, the administrative assistant to the Abbot. He is a member of the Abbot's Council. He is the Director of the Abbey Center, overseeing and directing its programs and maintenance and is the Vocation Director. Br. Daniel also serves as the abbey's representative to the Hingham-Hull Religious Leaders Association. He is also active in ministry to the homeless and giving spiritual direction. He has been at Glastonbury Abbey since 1973.
Father Timothy compiles calendars for Mass & priest assignments and Mass stipends. A licensed theologian, he is a writer and lecturer. He gives spiritual direction, leads pilgrimages and is in charge of the Library and purchase of periodicals. He is also co-chair of the Glastonbury Lecture Series committee and the monastic representative on the Glastonbury Abbey Institute. He has been at Glastonbury Abbey since 1976.
Father Nicholas was abbot of the community from 1986-2008. He is now Director of our Retreat Programs and the retreat houses. He gives retreats himself as well as spiritual enrichment classes and spiritual direction. He is also Oblate Director, and is in charge of maintenance of our buildings. Additionally, he is the Formation Director. He has been at Glastonbury Abbey since 1963.
Father Gerald Our dear Fr. Gerald passed away on December 26, 2020. He was laid to rest in the monks’ cemetery on December 31st on the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey. Please click here to access Fr. Gerald's obituary.
Brother David is Choirmaster and Organist. He is also infirmarian, on the retreat team, prepares the Sunday music sheet, records books read in the refectory and is archivist. Bro. David is secretary of the Chapter and of the legal corporation of the Abbey. He is a member of the Sunday Liturgy Committee. He has been at Glastonbury Abbey since 1967.
Brother James sets up the coffee after Mass on Sundays and for other events. He helps with outdoor work in the grounds as well. He has been at Glastonbury Abbey since 1990.
Andrew is the church sacristan. He has been at Glastonbury Abbey since 1995.
Father Albrecht was ordained a priest on November 17, 2018. He manages the Glastonbury Abbey book store and gift shop, and also helps maintain the Abbey’s Facebook page. He often provides IT, A/V and other technical support to his brother monks. He also serves as the Assistant Sacristan. He has been at Glastonbury Abbey since 2009.
Brother Matthias assists in the Morcone Center and is a part-time student of theology. He conducts meditation sessions twice per week which are now live-streamed. He is an artist and a former chef. He has been at Glastonbury Abbey since 2017.
Brother Joseph is a novice. He assists in the retreat program. He is now using his 40 years of broadcast experience and knowledge to live-stream the Mass and other services for our extended community, both local and all over the country. He has been at Glastonbury Abbey since 2019.