Monastic Scribe

Fr. Timothy Joyce, OSB, STL

Hopes of an Aging Scribe

Many of you know me. If you don’t, I am Timothy Joyce, a monk of Glastonbury Abbey. I recently celebrated my 87th birthday. I was first professed as a Benedictine monk in 1954 and was ordained a priest in 1959. Yes, I am rather old, but I like to think I am still alive and passionate for what I believe life is about. My credentials include a degree from the Gregorian University in Rome in Theology which certifies me as a theology teacher (STL). I have published five books, three of them on Celtic Christianity and two of them on the history of Glastonbury Abbey. I have traveled a bit and lived for periods of time in Italy, Ireland and Canada as well as New York, New Orleans and Baltimore in the USA. I have taken groups on pilgrimage to places in Europe and beyond for twenty years. None of that makes me smart nor particularly wisely mature. I still have a long way to go and am very hungry to understand more, share more, love more. I have made mistakes and have my faults.

All of the above is an introduction to my beginning this blog as a regular feature as your Monastic Scribe on the Glastonbury web site. I intend to write a regular blog to share what I may have learned from all these years and what I am still trying to learn. I want to share my hopes in the presence of Jesus Christ in our lives, in the great Christian tradition and world view handed down to us, in the gift of community and our common seeking for life’s meaning.

Particularly at this moment of time when Catholicism has been devastated by the sexual abuse crisis as well as by other lesser crises of authority and communication. When many people are walking away from the church and the “Nones” are increasing. When our country is so divided. With this background I want to share what faith may mean and what sustains me. Of course, I am limited and also opinionated by my own background and life story. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. But I would like to stimulate some thought and reflection. And I might learn something new, or a new insight into what I already know, by thinking as I write (which writers do) and by the reactions of readers.

I invite you to travel with me on this spiritual journey. You can contact me at: I won’t use your name in my writing unless you want me to do so. I will try to respond personally as time and volume permits. I will also write blogs of personal interest to me as regards the church, contemporary social matters, social justice and culture and other issues that come along.

If you have any suggestions for improving this blog, do let me know.

May God accompany us together on the Way.

Fr. Timothy Joyce, OSB, STL

Please note that I do not speak on behalf of Glastonbury Abbey, the Archdiocese of Boston or the Catholic Church, though I hope my faith is in harmony with all these. Any error in judgment should be credited to me and not anyone else.