Spiritual Enrichment Programs

Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

The Spiritual Enrichment Programs provide educational opportunities for people of all faiths and at different places in their lives to learn more about themselves, connect with others, and interact with the world around them. Most programs will be held at the Morcone Conference Center on Tuesday evenings, except where noted, starting at 7:00pm and ending at 8:30pm. No registration required, except where noted. Suggested Donation: $20 per session.

Who Do You Say I Am?
Finding Jesus in the Four Gospels
Celia Sirois - September 4, 11, 18 and 25, 2018

These seminars will give you the opportunity to meet each of the four evangelists and their respective work. We will begin with Mark, the earliest, followed by Matthew and Luke, who are contemporaries and end with John, who is in a class by himself. All are welcome! Please bring your Bible!

Celia Sirois teaches Sacred Scripture in the Master of Arts in Ministry Program at St. John’s Seminary, Brighton. She also directs the CHRISM (Christian Responsibility in Shared Ministry) program, an adult Scripture study program available to the parishes of the South Region of the Archdiocese of Boston.

Caesar and Christ
Fr. Nicholas Morcone, OSB - October 16, 23 and 30, 2018

This program will look into the earliest days of the Christian Church from the death of Jesus to Emperor Constantine with particular reference to the relationship of this “new way” to the religious, social, cultural and legal ethos of the Roman Empire.
1. The Roman Empire from the time of Jesus to Constantine the Great
2. What does the New Testament have to say about all this?
3. The Constantinian Revolution Father Nicholas, OSB of Glastonbury Abbey has been a lifelong student of history since he majored in it in college. He has presented several programs on Church History here at the Abbey over the years.

Stress Management: Time for a Re-Think
John Sheff, PsyD – November 6, 2018

How did the word "stress" become the enemy? What if the way we think about stress is actually the problem? This lecture will explore the neuroscience of stress and the benefits that come from thinking differently about stress. Finally, we will explore techniques that promote a more balanced response to stress.

A clinical psychologist practicing on the South Shore, John Sheff uses both Western and Eastern medicine thinking in the treatment of anxiety and worry.

Black Elk: Living in the Sacred Hoop
John Sheff, PsyD – November 13, 2018

Black Elk is one of the most influential spiritual voices of the 20th century. This lecture will explore the spiritual practices of this Oglala holy man who honored both his Lakota traditions and Catholic traditions. Present at the Battle of the Little Bighorn, dying in August 1950, the arc of his life is staggering. Can we learn to pray as Black Elk prayed, in the Sacred Hoop?

A clinical psychologist practicing on the South Shore, John Sheff uses both Western and Eastern medicine thinking in the treatment of anxiety and worry.

Adult Christianity: Beyond the Catechism
Fr. Timothy Joyce, OSB, STL
November 20 and 27, December 4 and 11, 2018

This four-week course will discuss the nature of faith today as seen in:

  • The historical development of our understanding of our Christian faith, especially since the II Vatican Council;
  • The importance of the Bible and the early Church;
  • How modern science, the ecological movement and world events have shaped our insights;
  • The recovery of the mystical tradition of the church;
  • The doubts and difficulties we have with the church.

Participants will be invited to grow as more reflective disciples of Christ.

Father Timothy is a monk of Glastonbury Abbey. He holds an advanced degree in systematic theology from the Gregorian University in Rome. He is a published author as well as preacher and retreat director.

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