Listening to Other Voices: Imam Asif Hirani

Imam Asif Hirani
Author, Resident Scholar at Worchester Islamic Center, and Member of the National Catholic-Islamic Dialogue Group.
“Purifying Hearts with the Divine Guidance and the Process of Self Development”
Dr. Hirani will be joining us live via Zoom from his sabbatical in Pakistan! He will discuss the importance of Heart from the spiritual context and how spiritual diseases of Heart are more lethal than physical diseases of the body. Our need to adhere to Divine guidance for purification of Heart and soul will be discussed with an emphasis on Imam Ghazali’s Four Steps towards Self-Development approach.
Join us to watch this VIRTUAL PRESENTATION together at the Morcone Center. You can pose your questions directly to the speaker and afterward have further discussion, refreshments and interaction as a group. The presentation will also be available on Zoom.
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Jan 19 2023


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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